March 28 2018



Kishore - Richmond RER Don Poaps TSA / BARC Gord Kirk - member surrey / E-Comm Dave Easingwood - Langley Steve Kern (from the PREOC) Ken Roker - Surrey Norman - Richmond

Called to order at: 0910H

Review of last meeting

Chair Grieder reviewed last meeting

  • REPC - working on terms of reference to submit to REPC (Regional Emergency Program Coordinators)

  • Announcement from Merrick

  • Bruce from Bowen Island to present his Emergency Communications Team manual

  • Tour of the VE7SCC facilities

  • Simplex Test

  • Round Table on Issues

Personal Announcement

  • Merrick has resigned from NSEM and accepted a position as Emergency Radio Coordinator for the Cowichan Valley Regional District; starting 9 April. Will have a professional role supporting Fire Dispatch; secondary role supporting emergency communications.

  • Will become chair of Mid-Island Radio Coordinators


  • include signin sheet

Terms of Reference Discussion

  • Patrick noted areas where detail could assist REPC readers in understanding


  • Participate in SET
  • Narrowband VHF FM Simplex Test: DATE

RSM Course - May / Delta

  • Include seat availability in email to LMERC members
  • Include photos of Coquitlam Radio Room


Bowen: How do we sell this concept; Merrick informed that REPC were informed and supportive. Setting the organization structure up and moving forward is what is required to establish our legitimacy.

Randy: Do we envision establishing links to HEMBC? A: Contacts with any emergency management group seen as a positive as LMERC has the capacity to undertake such efforts.

Presentation from Bruce / Bowen Island

  • Put together an ECT Manual over the past several months
    • Several members are under age of 50, working, busy family lives; difficult for them to attend meetings and training
    • Genesis of idea - incorporate knowledge in a manual, share SOPs, familiarize team with expectations. Key contacts, frequency lists, training (including ESS).
    • Manual also available on USB stick
  • Described steps he has taken to raise knowledge level among members

  • EMBC Tests - email summary; get Ian to include LMERC mailing list address

Round Table

Abbotsford shared their need for a communications space closer in proximity to the EOC / Firehall. Working on internet link between Firehall and Repeater Site. VE7RVA.

Maple Ridge - looking for documentation of frequencies coordination.

Maple Ridge - Patrick - received notification re ESS and ECT/EOC grants from UBCM. There will be another application opportunity in the fall; speak to your EPC.

Bowen Island noted they had benefitted from the UBCM grants.

Langley - hoping to work on standards among the group; common training or sharing training opportunities.

David - like where they are headed

Roger - Surrey, been with them for about a year; City has made it clear they will fully support SEPAR. Challenges include keeping members active; improving situation.

Paul - Coquitlam - continue to explore how we expand footprint of BCWARN; realize that challenging selling LAs on investing in network by amateurs for amateurs. How to sell? 2) Would like to see each meeting have a demonstration component. e.g. ad hoc wifi network. WiFi access point with services (dhcp, webmail, etc); PAT web based winlink app.

Steve K - checkins

Dave Easingwood - Langley - working on credentialing; base standards for members

Kishore - REPARS - liking direction and appreciating getting the context from other cities, coordination possibilities.

Norman - City of Richmond - Going ahead with IPREM 2021 exercise; continues to be supportive of group and sees benefit in discussions with CAO and other management.

Ken Roker - appreciates the quality of discussions; goal to learn as much as possible particularly in areas of organization development.

Gordon Kirk - mirrors concensus building approach within public safety; look for SAFECOM interoperability Canadianized reference CITIG website; TODO obtain doc.


TODO Mike check out Nextcloud RTSP

Next Steps

1) Develop